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Al-Asalah group, established in 1994, has more than 22 years of experience in the HVAC field in the region. The group has proudly established its heritage and company vision to be well incorporated into its products, solutions and services. With more than 500 VRF Projects installed, and a total capacity of above 17,000 tons, Al-Asalah has had a powerful impact in the field of air-conditioning in Jordan. It was the first company to install a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System in the Kingdom and to provide the full inverter air-conditioning systems as well.

The primary focus of Al-Asalah is to make sure that every customer feels comfortable with its products and services, while also guaranteeing that its business is environmentally-friendly. This is achieved by being committed to innovative energy, including efficient products and services. Al-Asalah also aims to gain client satisfaction through the constant effort of providing tailor-made solutions based on top quality products.

Al-Asalah Group specializes in engineering, technical and after sales services. Furthermore, it is experienced in training and development, as well as testing and commissioning. The HVAC systems offer comfort, peace of mind and exceptional standards with the goal of enriching your home, office and life quality. Based on its reputation, Al-Asalah proudly continues to develop a strong base of loyal customers.

Al-Asalah has steadily grown since it was established to ensure it will always be able to provide a premium product and service to its clients. This presence has been further justified by constant technical and professional training, highlighting Al-Asalah strengths within its various departments. Al-Asalah family has grown from a small number employees to a staff of over 120.

Al-Asalah’s vision is to create a unique experience that enhances the customers’ environment. The company strives to ensure that comfort and eco-friendliness are the priority; and believes that its innovation continually contributes to making the lives of its customers more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way. Regardless of the products and services chosen by its customers, Al-Asalah’s objective is to achieve what is required while ensuring that its core values are delivered.

Al-Asalah’s mission is that its innovation contributes to making its customers’ lives more comfortable in an environmentally sustainable way. The company always seeks innovative solutions to deliver its services, which serve both end-users as well as business partners. The main goal is to be the main provider of top quality HVAC & Green Tech products, solutions and services in the region, integrated with Al-Asalah’s highly reputable professional services.

Al-Asalah services include Technical Support and Engineering Services, After Sales Services, Engineers and Technician training (Al-Asalah Academy), and Value-Added Warehouses with On-Time Delivery. The Technical Support and Engineering Services include, but are not limited to, design and quotation, supervision and inspection, training and development, installation, testing and commissioning The After Sales Services cover client care, maintenance, spare parts and warranty. The training services (Al-Asalah Academy) provide technical training for engineers, technicians, and students interested in air conditioning, refrigeration and renewable energy fields. Finally, the Value-Added Warehouses and On-Time Delivery services demonstrate Al-Asalah’s ability to manage all aspects of bringing its product to market; including order management, pick, pack and ship, retail compliance and demand planning services. The company addresses the unique delivery requirements of various projects, B2B sales channels, such as retail, distribution centers or dealers. In 2012, Sky Power was established by Al-Asalah Group, specializing in energy solutions and renewable energy systems. Its main objectives are to spread renewable energy awareness, and to help provide renewable energy systems with the highest standards in different regions of Jordan. As one of the leading companies in the industry, Sky Power provides Photovoltaic Systems, Wind Turbines, Solar Thermal Heaters and Energy Auditing.

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National Cables Company (Systems Capacity: 1,940.8 kwp), Jordan Islamic Bank, 19 branches (System Capacity: 546.1 kWp), Princess Alia Foundation (System Capacity: 303.7 kWp), Bunat Al- Ghadd Academy (System Capacity: 183 kWp), JOHUD Headquarters (Systems

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