International Technical Construction & Storage Co. FZ (W.L.L.) (ITCC)

International Technical Construction & Storage Co. (ITCC) is a specialized procurement and professional services provider to the Industrial Sector, Utility Providers and Infrastructure Projects in Jordan. The company’s offering is tailored procurement solutions that incorporate engineering, project management, on-site services and maintenance support to suit the client requirements.

ITCC was established in 1985 as a family business with an objective of becoming a leading provider of engineering and turnkey procurement solutions in Jordan and the Middle East. Since then, the company has taken major strides in this direction. Its name, “ITCC” has become recognized for the quality and reliability of it services across different industry segments.

To provide its customers with solutions and services that contribute to their success, the company is committed to leveraging its core capabilities of technical and engineering expertise across various industries, a global sourcing network, and experience in Contracts Management with world class clients.

It is the combination of those three capabilities which makes ITCC’s solutions unique and value-adding to its clients. This has enabled the company to take part in several prestigious projects executed in Jordan such as Shams Maan Power Plant (50 MW), DISI Water Project, Qatranah IPP Plant, Potash Expansion Projects and Fertilizer Expansion Projects.

Over the years, ITCC has built a portfolio of principles, who are specialized manufacturers and service providers. On their behalf, ITCC markets and promotes their products, provides front line technical support and after sales services to customers.

ITCC represent various global brands. Its newest partner is H. Butting GmbH & Co. KG, from Germany, which is one of the leading processors of stainless steels. BUTTING products include corrosion resistant pipes, clad pipes, special pipes and components ready for installation, spools and welded components, cessels, tanks and columns and sssemblies. Their core competences are in forming and welding techniques and in materials engineering. BUTTING products meet the highest quality standards. Customers all over the world are using the products of this family-owned company. The variety of services can be seen in the structure pipes for the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, or the fuel lines for the Ariane launch vehicle as well as over 1,900 km of clad pipes for various offshore projects and vessels and pipes for one of the world’s largest pulp mills, Metsä Botnia in Uruguay.

Other products and services offered by ITCC and its Partners include FRIEM (Diode, Thyristor and IGBT Power Converters for Industrial Plants, Renewable Energy Inverters for Photovoltaic Plants), GBT/ Haw Linings (Metal Spray Coating, Rubber Lining, Fabrication of Pipes Spools & Static Plant Equipment such as Crystallizers, Pressure Vessels), General Cable (Cables for Mining, Industrial, Electronics, Carol Cord, OVD & Fiber Optics), Green Power (Design and manufacture of diesel generator sets and after sales service), Matec Group (Flexible Composite hoses, Flexible metallic hoses, Flexible Rubber hoses, Metallic Expansion joints), Sulzer Chemtech (Separation & Mixing Technology and Process Plants), VDM Metals GMBH (Heat Resisting and Corrosion Resistant Alloys and Materials Such as Alloy 400, 625, 800, C22, C276).

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