Ishraq Energy

Ishraq Energy is an innovation pioneer of green engineering solutions with a cultural focus on continuous knowledge growth and best of breed practices. The company is proud of its diverse and experienced capabilities by integrating solar power, water treatment, lighting, automation and different solutions in everyday lives.

Ishraq Energy’s mission is to give people the power of energy independence with utmost savings and comfort through its integrated efficient energy and environment solutions. Its vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations. The goals of Ishraq Energy are to help provide the highest quality of energy solutions and renewable systems by providing turnkey projects for different facilities.

Ishraq Energy offers energy auditing and investigation for all types of facilities by providing technical and financial analysis for potential improvements with minimal initial costs.

The company also provides the best solutions in Photovoltaic Systems for On-Grid and Off-Grid systems using leading technologies according to the highest global standards.

Ishraq Energy provides Wind Energy Systems and Services to satisfy the rapidly growing sector of renewables and to add more diversity into the energy mixture.

In Lighting & Home Automation, the company implements smart home solutions and integrates them into multiple sub systems, therefore, Ishraq energy has become the sole system integrator for AVE brand in Jordan to provide full comfort and an automatic energy saving solution.

Ishraq Energy is a reliable source of all MEP services including air-conditioning, electrical, plumbing and water treatment.

As an educational institution, Ishraq Academy focuses on promoting nondogmatic learning environment for local communities by exposing them to the latest technologies and costefficient solutions, and conducting several training courses in multiple specialties to enhance the community with knowledge and experience.

Ishraq Energy is taking an active role to achieve ultimate and seamless cost savings by integrating energy and environment solutions to deliver efficient systems and comfort to consumers. Ishraq Energy is proud to have installed around 75 Photovoltaic Systems with total capacity of 4.757 kWp so far. Some of the company’s major projects are Fitness Vega Gym with a total capacity of 2,007 kWp, Alassas concrete factory with a total capacity of 521 kWp, and Royal Court projects with a total capacity of 505 kWp.

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• Photovoltaic Systems. • Wind Power Systems. • HVAC & Plumbing. • Lighting Solutions. • Home Automation. • Water Treatment Packages.
Selected Projects

• Around 75 Photovoltaic Systems with total capacity of (4.757 kWp).
• Major projects include Fitness Vega Gym (2,007 kWp).
• Alassas Concrete Factory (521 kWp).
• Royal Court projects (505 kWp).


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