New Village Of Energy Inc. (NVEco)

New Village Of Energy Inc. (NVEco) was founded in 2016. The idea emerged from the company’s faith in finding a solution for the energy problem faced by Jordan and the Middle East, by offering alternative solutions for clean energy.

Since the start, the company’s central goal has guided its strategy. That goal is to translate the concept of green environment, by introducing different systems of renewable energy to institutions, factories, businesses and homes through a system that would provide electricity and preserve the environment.

The company was established out of responsibility towards participating in the solution of the energy problem faced by Jordan, and the whole world, by providing clean energy solutions. The Message of NVEco is “using clean energy to save the environment”.

NVEco was built on green rules, with a mission to see that the concept of green environment will be translated into a reality by providing different systems of renewable energy to institutions, factories, businesses and homes.

The company’s vision is to be one of the most prominent leading companies in providing services and products related to environmental preservation and to be a part of the growth in alternative energy solutions in Jordan and in the Middle East as a whole.

NVEco’s mission is the production of alternative energy systems with high efficiency to save the environment and to insure the sustainability of financial and social life.

NVEco applies the highest standards of integrity and credibility through its commitment to deadlines, implementation of projects with high accuracy and professionalism, staying in touch with customers and taking their feedback into consideration. As individuals and as a company,

NVEco seeks to build a reputation based on constantly working on applying the highest standards of integrity and professionalism standards.

NVEco is committed to excellence, by setting high standards to follow, and aspiring to be the best at what it does. Also, the company is committed to providing the best advice and solutions to its clients.

Teamwork at NVEco means that the company is keen to cover all dimensions of its projects’ policies, working on improving and developing such policies in various fields.

NVEco offers several services. Maintenance services include regular free monthly maintenance visits during the first year and annual maintenance contracts of special support and maintenance of the system (cleaning). In addition, there are outsider maintenance contracts providing checking, maintenance and development of the systems that had not been installed by NVEco, if requested by the client. Engineering
consulting services for energy solutions by NVEco include providing advisory solutions for energy by consultants and engineers with experience. Design and supervision services are performed by a crew of qualified engineers who handle the designs, the calculations of the renewable energy systems, the calculations of energy auditing, in addition to implementation of projects covering planning, implementation and execution.

The company offers training services whereby it provides engineers and technicians with training, and trains them to work in the field. NVEco also provides a guarantee service, which is a long-term manufacturer guarantee.

Regarding it future vision, NVEco is depending on several factors to achieve sustainability and to reach the highest levels of competition through inventing ways and methods to achieve renewal and modernization in the field, to keep up with developments in the sector and to minimize damage due to environmental pollution. The company will continue to develop research on generating energy from solar cells, so as to be used as the main source of energy in order to stimulate the economy and ultimately lead to a high level of well-being.

New Village Of Energy Company (NVEco) seeks to be a leading specialist in the field of energy solutions, through its reliance on highly qualified staff with a wide experience of administrators, consultants and engineers in the field of energy solutions.

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