WIOSUN for Renewable Energy Ltd.

Here in Aqaba, Jordan, WIOSUN for Renewable Energy Ltd. chose to establish its factory to extend its 30 years of German experience in the production of photovoltaic panels.

WIOSUN transfers the knowledge and the production line of the brand to help the very promising market in the Middle East, as well as WIOSUN valued customers worldwide. The company is located at a highly supportive economic zone, in Aqaba city, the crossroads of three continents.

WIOSUN presents a solar panel made in Jordan, with 30 years of German experience, and awarded with the national prize in 2008 and 2012 for outstanding innovative achievement for the trade.

WIOSUN is the right partner for you because of its live service, use of only high-quality materials, offering individual concepts for a fair price, having over 5000 satisfied customers since 1984, working flexibly and reliably, having the inventor in-house, offering a high degree of creativity, and only being satisfied when clients worldwide are satisfied.

WIOSUN is your specialist for manufacturing, sales, planning, maintenance and installation of photovoltaic and combined systems. Other than providing high quality and innovative products, there is nothing more important to the company than serving its customers.

Services offered by WIOSUN also include consulting and profit forecasts. Consulting priority is given to extensive consultation, which is essential for such a complex and costly investment.

The WIOSUN showrooms offer the possibility to obtain a comprehensive picture of the fields of application of photovoltaic. Regarding profit forecasts and calculations of profitability, WIOSUN is glad to do so based on building conditions (location, roof pitch, direction, shading, feed-in situation, etc.), local radiation values, desired PV components (modules, inverters) for every interested person. As a result, among other things, it is easy to identify at what point the desired PV system is expected to pay for itself, and what level of additional profit can be generated.

All WIOSUN photovoltaic modules are subject to strict German quality standards. To ensure this, WIOSUN continually monitors all its manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. WIOSUN combines 25-years of know-how with premium quality selected individual components. These modules are also particularly suitable for use in hot regions, due to their high degree of laminated membrane integration. In addition, WIOSUN produces solar modules with high quality, the 5BB cells (PERC) and the back sheet and connection box 1500V Also, the module efficiency reaches 19.05%.

Customers can count on WIOSUN quality, as the company only delivers modules with a positive tolerance up to + 5 Wp. The newly developed and strengthened 35-millimeter hollow chamber frame also gives the modules extremely high stability in all weather conditions.

With the 10 years product warranty on the WIOSUN module series, as well as a 25 years performance guarantee, WIOSUN photovoltaic modules are among the most reliably calculable components for efficient PV systems. You can also get WIOSUN modules with the performance optimizer or as a standard version.

ويه شمس للطاقة المتجددة

• 300 Mw in Germany
• 3 Mw in Jordan
• 250 Kw in Italy

Factory Address

PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate LLP. In front of King Hussein International Airport, New Dead Sea High Way.
Aqaba - Jordan.