EDAMA Association for Energy, Water & Environment


EDAMA in Arabic means sustainability. EDAMA Association is a Jordanian NGO established in 2009 in response to Jordan’s energy, environment, and water security needs. As a Business Association, EDAMA cultivates an environment where innovative solutions for energy and water independence and environmental conservation emerge.

Advancing Jordan’s movement towards a green economy and sustainable development is an ambitious and priority goal. To be achieved, robust knowledge hubs, multi-stakeholder dialogue avenues, and private sector mobilization are required. EDAMA’s niche is in providing a platform agile and inclusive enough to involve many public, private, NGO, research and innovation sector representatives. These key players together discuss and shape the future development of the energy, water and environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan.

The Four Main Pillars of the Association’s Work:
• Advocacy and research
• Business development
• Education and capacity development
• Communication and networking

EDAMA - A Diverse and Unique Community:
EDAMA’s membership base is unique in its diversified services and sectors. It includes energy service providers, consulting firms, banks, telecoms and industrial companies. As members come from across the EWE sectors’ value chain, EDAMA can leverage their expertise to make a difference at the service provider and end consumer levels alike. To join EDAMA’s community, contact: [email protected]

EDAMA hosts the only power breakfast networking events of the sector, bringing together the most important key players to discuss topics-of-the-hour and the most recent updates. The Association facilitates access to a network of key figures and organizations in Jordan and around the world. It promotes significant discussions with top experts of the sector. Previous power breakfast events have tackled such issues as financing energy, technical solutions, urban planning and many others.

EDAMA’s Capacity Building department aims to bridge the skills and competencies gap in the energy, waste and environment sectors by providing the highest quality of capacity building and development programs offered to members and non-members. EDAMA’s mission is to host and provide quality educational courses and professional development opportunities relating to the energy, water, and environment (EWE) sectors in Jordan. For more info on the courses and activities provided by EDAMA, contact: [email protected]

EDAMA Members:

• Abour Energy
• Adenium Energy Capital
• Al Jidara
• Al Mawared Brokerage
• AlCazar Energy
• Ali Sharif Zu’bi Advocates and Legal Consultants
• Amman Asia Electric Power Company
• Aqaba Bulk Chemicals Co.
• Arab Bank PLC
• Arab Potash Co PLC
• Arabtech Jardaneh- Water and Environment
• Astraco
• Attarat power Co./ Enefit
• Atwan & Partners Attorneys and Legal Consultants
• Ayla Oasis for Development
• Bank Al Etihad
• Bank of Jordan
• Cairo Amman Bank
• Capital Bank
• Catalyst Investment Management Co.
• Central Electricity Generating Company
• City of Lights (E-RES)
• Clean Energy Concepts
• Consolidated Contractors Co
• E2E Integrated solution
• Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions
• EcoConsult
• Electricity Distribution CO
• Ernst & Young
• European Banking for Reconstruction & Development
• European Investment Bank
• Fine Hygienic Holding
• Firas Balasmeh Corporation for Control Systems
• Fujeij Wind Power Company
• Housing Bank Trade and Finance
• Ideal Solar Energy Co. Ltd. / HANANIA Energy
• Irbid District Electricity CO
• Izzat Marji Group
• Jordan Bromine
• Jordan Kuwait Bank
• Jordan Modern Oil & Fuel Services (Manaseer Oil & Gas)
• Jordan National Shipping Lines Company
• Jordan Oil Shale CO.
• Jordan Petroleum refinery
• Jordan wind Project Company
• Jordanian Egyptian FAJR
• Kawar Energy
• Khalifeh and Partners Lawyers
• Kingdom Electricity Co
• Lafarge Cement - Jordan
• Martifer Solar
• Masdar - Mubadala Company
• Mitsubishi Corporation
• Modern Arabia for Solar Energy PSC
• Musleh Law
• Mustakbal clean tech
• Near East Group
• Orange- Jordan Telecommunication Company
• PanMed Energy
• Price Water House coopers (PWC)
• Saed Karajah & Partners LLP
• Sager Drones
• Samra power Supply Co.
• Sanad Law Group in Association with Eversheds
• Scatec Solar
• Second Energy
• Sham Maan Power Generation
• Shamsuna Power Co.
• Spectrum International Investment
• T.Gargour Holding
• Tamkeen Leasing Co.
• Total Jordan
• TUV Austria
• Umniah Telecom
• United Pioneering Business
• Wathba Investment
• Wiosun for Renewable Energy
• Yellow Door Energy Limited - Jordan
• Zain Telecom - Jordan Mobile Telephone Services
• Zhejiang Jinko Solar

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