Jordan Green Building Council (GBC)

While buildings and human activities provide countless benefits to society, they also have significant environmental and health impacts; consuming various natural resources and producing undesirable carbon emissions, did you know that the building and construction sector alone is responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions worldwide? And with the Jordanian population growing at an increasing pace over the past years, according to the World Population Review statistics the population is expected to peak at 14.15 million people in 2080, the demand for buildings is getting bigger, calling for an immediate and urgent action towards implementing the green practices in buildings and construction.

Amidst the increase of urban areas, negative impacts must be reduced or eliminated by the building’s design, construction or operation, and to create positive impacts on the climate, communities’ resilience in addition to preserving precious natural resources and improving people’s quality of life. To address such pressing issues, the Jordan Green Building Council (Jordan GBC), a non-profit and non-governmental organization and member-based association, took on its shoulders the responsibility of advocating for the adoption of green building practices and green built environment actions. With the asset of being part of a global network of more than 70 Green Building Councils, under the umbrella of the World GBC, the councils aim together to transform the built environment & its relevant markets towards sustainable development to contribute to lowering carbon emissions by 2030, and its elimination by 2050.  In addition to the preservation of natural resource by creating a circular economic model that benefits health and wellbeing, and fosters sustainable economic growth and development.

The Jordan GBC aims to drive such change by providing internationally certified training programs, and generating sustainable project and business opportunities for its members to be a part of. Furthermore, the Jordan GBC provides a powerful, collaborative platform of active members and partners on a local, regional and international level; who share interests and encounter similar challenges and opportunities in the green buildings sector. This platform enables networking opportunities, maximizes business, exchanges knowledge, and generates new ideas to achieve results faster and more effectively, allowing members to be at the frontline across all segments of the building sector, for a green and sustainable industry and economy. Additionally, Jordan GBC partners with public sector agencies, to create and establish a stronger policy level, that would promote and enhance the existing programmes and projects of national sustainable growth.

Vision: A Healthy, Sustainable, and Resource-Efficient built environment that is accessible and affordable to all.

Mission: Driving the built environment and its relevant sectors towards de-carbonization and supporting climate resilience.

Core Value: The right to live, work and study in healthy and sustainable buildings with a low carbon impact through positive public/private and civil society cooperation. Jordan GBC strives for innovation, partnerships, integrity, and transparency.

How Jordan GBC makes a difference:

  • Technical: Jordan GBC has a pool of world class experts, which leverages extensive in-depth technical knowledge of the sector. 
  • Continuity in Engagement: Jordan GBC has a very well-established network of contacts, and is a trusted institution for stakeholders across Jordan. 
  • Creating collaboration: Jordan GBC is a well-recognized organization and known for its effective role in joint-projects and collaboration with different local, regional and international entities. 
  • Cutting-edge capabilities: Through its pillars, Jordan GBC has managed to develop, implement and lead different activities, studies and projects related to the green built environment and its aspects, varying from technical projects, policy projects, to community-engagement projects, contributing to environmental, economic, and social goals.

For more information, contact Jordan GBC at Tel: +962-79-7210054 or [email protected],

  Corporate Members:
• Platinum Members:
- Aramex International
- BDO Jordan
- Dar Al-Handasah Consultants
- Majid Al Futtaim Holding
- The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance
- Qatrana Cement Company
- Lafarge Concrete Jordan

• Gold Members:
- Arab Technical Group Co.
- Laswi and Zalloum Law firm

• Silver Members:
- Adaa Sustainable Development Consultants
- Arab Technical Construction Co.
- Creator for Certifications Services (TUV)
- Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions (ECO SOL)
- Eylaf Industrial ltd.-Ata Rabah
- Hanania Solar Systems
- Inside Out Design
- Izzat Marji Group
- Jordan Land Magazine
- Jordan Sipes Paints Co.
- MINERVA for Engineering Studies and Consulting Ltd
- Moka’ab Construction Company
- Mostaqbal Engineering and Environmental Consultants
- NeroTech Control Systems
- Ruqn Al Handasa
- Sadda Business Solutions
- Seyam Architects
- Sterling BIM
- Petra Engineering Industrial Co.
- Tesla Import Export /Momentum
- The contractor for energy

• Universities:
- Applied Science Private University

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