Renewable Energy Establishments Society (REES)


REES was established in 2014 within the purview of the Ministry of Environment to provide an umbrella for renewable energy services and energy management companies, with the purpose of defending their interests and improving the renewable energy and energy management market. Membership of REES has reached more than 40 companies as of September 2020.

REES works closely with governmental ministries and regulators, as well as electricity distribution companies to better serve consumers and service providers. REES actively participated in establishing the Coalition of Energy Services Associations “CESA” and is one of its three-member associations.

REES conducts regular meetings with top officials of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) and Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC), including meetings with the Minister of MEMR and the head of EMRC. These meetings and other collaborative efforts with different government agencies are to serve the sector and to resolve any standing issues.

On February 21, 2019, REES held the “Renewable Energy in Jordan: Present and Future” forum. The forum was under the patronage of her Excellency the Minster of MEMR. It addressed the two main issues of energy burden on the national economy and the future of energy services companies in the ever-evolving energy market. The forum issued a list of recommendations, aiming at improving the state of renewable energy and energy efficiency services in the Kingdom. These recommendations were discussed at the highest ranks of the government and by chambers of industry and commerce. The REES forum for the year 2020 was planned on March 26 but was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In early 2020, REES started the establishment of an “Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)” energy chapter. The new AEE energy chapter held several workshops in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency since the beginning of the year. The plan for the chapter is to offer the assortment of popular training courses usually conducted by AEE such as CEM®, CRM®, REP®, CEA®, EEP® and others.

For more information, you can contact REES at 079-9417272 or at [email protected].


REES Members:

• Al Manhal Renewable Energy.
• Almasa Switchgear System.
• Al-Nebrass for Renewable Energy Company.
• Altayseer for Trade and Industrial Inv .Ltd.
• Arab Technical Group (ATG).
• Arab Towers Contracting Company (ATCCO).
• Arbeel-Electric for Engineering Industries.
• Arslan Engineering Systems (AES).
• Atlantis Solar Middle East Co.LTD.
• Attaqa Ashameleh for Elctric Equipment Co.
• Bayt Alebdaa for Renewable Energy.
• Bensyan Engineering Technology Co.
• Billeh Electrical Mat.Co-Bemco
• Eco Engineering and Energy Solutions (ECOSOL).
• Edama Solar.
• Electric Technology Experts (Eletech).
• Engineering Almasar Company (EMC).
• Eta-Max Energy and Environmental Solutions.
• Future Sun for Renewable Energy Systems.
• Gamma Energy &Technology L.L.C.
• Gazania Solar Systems.
• Generators for Solar Energy.
• Glory for Logistic & Marketing and Energy Services
• Ideal Solar Energy Co. Ltd - HANANIA Energy.
• IDHAL for Solar Energy Solutions Est.
• Izzat Marji Group (IMG).
• Jet Contracting.
• JUSOOR for Renewable Energy
• kingdom for Engineering Tech.
• Madhoun Electronics and Trade.
• Mazen Dajani &Co.
• Meroun Green Solutions Co.
• Meteor Solar.
• Middle East Solar Stores.
• Mustakbal clean tech.
• SIERA for Renewable Energy Services
• Sima Industries for Renewable Energy W.I.I
• Spitak Trading Company.
• The Contractor for Energy.
• Tracking Solar Systems
• Wiosun for Renewable Energy Ltd.

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