Green Environment for Renewable Energy (GreenViro)

Green Environment Renewable Energy (GreenViro) was established in 2013 and has successfully provided complete, comprehensive and coordinated services to its customers. It is classified as an “A” company, by the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) and is an authorized distributor for GCL modules.

GreenViro focuses on the development of environmentally friendly projects to bring technologies, solutions and services that are clean, green and sustainable to help its customers reduce and effectively control the energy bill in the long term, while reducing carbon emissions. To achieve these goals, GreenViro is collaborating with some of the world’s leading companies and associations with expertise in alternative and renewable sources of energy in solar photovoltaic. The company puts its customers and partners at the center of its attention. GreenViro is committed to comply with international safety, environment and quality standards at all times. Its vision focuses on the generation of electric power in a safe and effective manner.

The Greenviro engineering team consists of highly regarded engineers from the best universities in Jordan and is committed to help you build your solar plant with its designs, workmanship and after sales support. The team performs many tasks including site survey, system design and to handle all permits. To determine the feasibility of your system, a study is carried out to identify system cost, payment options, annual yield for the system, annual savings, ROI, BOT System and BOOT system.

Greenviro is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and managing all technical, economic, and planning aspects of the project implementation including Project Design, Procurement and Installation. Greenviro guarantees a high level of performance for its systems and makes sure that its design specifications match the actual built system.

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• Residential Power Systems
• Commercial Power Solutions
• Utility Power Solutions
• Off Grid and Pumping Solutions


• Areefa Mall - 1161.5 kWp
• Orbit Aluminum Industries - 1019.445 kWp
• Sameh Mall, Irbid - 985.5 kWp
• Hijazi and Ghosheh Company - 450 kWp
• Mr. Abdel-Rauf El-Ejel Company - 210 kWp
• Abd Alqader Qadoora Farms - 210 kWp
• Sameh Mall - Alazraq - 201.63 kWp
• H&G Pumping - 200 kWp
• Rainbow Textiles - 112.32 kWp
• Zamzam Factory - 110 kWp

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