Philadelphia Solar (PS)

Philadelphia Solar (PS) is a specialized solar company that was established in 2007 with a buildup area of 14,200 m² and a startup capital of 25 million USD.

PS was the first photovoltaic (PV) panel manufacturer company in the MENA region with an annual PV production capacity of 10 MWp. By expanding its production lines, the company now has an annual PV production capacity of 500 MWp in addition to the new automated steel production lines to manufacture corrosion resistance steel mounting structures with an annual capacity of 300 MWp.

PS is continuously upgrading its production lines to meet PV latest technology. Lately, PS modernized its production lines to produce Multi Busbar and half cell technology modules. The new production lines are fully automated using the most advanced machines and robots.

PS planned to serve the US market growth as a result of what it called the new administration “extensive support” to the U.S. solar industry and manufacturing. The company said it plans to build 1 GW of capacity in the U.S. to serve both domestic and export markets.

The company will produce monocrystalline 450W bifacial and Mono facial 450W modules ~ 550W bifacial and Mono facial line. PS exports of photovoltaic cells approached more than 48 countries worldwide and reached 14 countries in the production of Magnelis steel mounting structures.

PS Half-Cell Technology modules have the full IEC certification program; which includes IEC61215, IEC61730,IEC TS 62804-1, IEC 60068-2, IEC 61701, IEC 62716 and DNV bankability report. In addition to UL61730, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and it is a member in PV cycle since 2019.

PS Magnelis steel mounting structures are exceptional, the new metallic steel coating provides surface protection in a variety of applications against longterm wear and tear.

The unique coating offers a combination of attributes such as having the best corrosion resistance performance; up to 10 times better than the galvanized steel. It is also considered to be the most cost-effective alternative to the post galvanized processed steel. One of its main features is “self-repairing protection for cut edges” which helps protect exposed cut edges with a thin zinc-based protection film with magnesium, which prevents corrosive reaction.

As a manufacturer and an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor of photovoltaic systems, PS has successfully accomplished many EPC projects in many countries such as Egypt, KSA, Lebanon, Palestine, with another over 150 MWp references in Jordan.

PS offers its customers turnkey working systems, from viability studies and obtaining the necessary administrative permits to project designing, engineering, constructing, commissioning, and monitoring, PS does it all. Other types of services PS offers includes operation and maintenance (O&M), On/Off site training programs, outstanding technical support and after sales service to its customers and partners world-wide.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, thecommercial operation date (COD) of Al Husainiyah Solar Power Plant proje ct (50-megawatt (MW)) was officially announced on 1 September 2021. PS has been developing the project since 2014 and signed a strategic partnership with AMEA Power in 2017 and has collaborated to provide 200,000 high-quality Jordanian-origin PV modules. The project created jobs for Jordanians from the Southern Badia, helping to improve the economic situation to achieve comprehensive and sustainable national development, and now benefits 50,000 families from clean energy from Al Husainiyah plant project.

Philadelphia solar initiated a new 20 Million USD investment in sustainable farming which will include the newest technologies to reserve power and water. This will include Hydroponic systems, Agri Voltic systems to grow quality crops focusing on export markets.

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• Mono Crystalline Modules
• Multi Crystalline Modules
• Magnelis Steel Mounting Structures
• Galvanized Steel Mounting Structures
• Turnkey Solutions for On-grid and Off-grid Systems (including solar street lighting systems)


• PV Production Capacity: 500 MW Annually
• Steel Production Capacity: 300 MW Annually
• Developed Projects: 160 MW
• EPC Installed in Jordan only above 150 MW

Philadelphia Solar Academy
Philadelphia Solar Installation and Maintenance Co.
Philadelphia Power
Al-Badiya Power Generation
Al-Husainiyah Power Generation

• Al Badiya Project - 23 MWp
• Teeba Metal Industries – 14.8MWp
• Social Security Corporation – 18.75 MWp
• Clemenceau Hospital – 8 MWp
• Gaza Central Wastewater Project – 4.7 MWp
• The University of Jordan – 4.7 MWp
• Giant Industrial Group Factories - 2.7 MWp
• Al Istishari Hospital – 2.5 MWp
• Al Zaytoonah University – 1.77 MWp
• Irbid Mall – 1.167 MWp
• Jordan Tinplate Canning and Printing Industry – 896 kWp,
• Philadelphia University – 853 kWp

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