Pivot Jordan

Pivot Jordan is a specialized MEP and renewable energy engineering company located in Amman, Jordan. It was founded in 2008, with great Italian and German experience.

Pivot Jordan aims to provide highly professional contracting services in the electromechanical field for systems such as lighting, power, security (CCTV), firefighting systems, HVAC, drainage systems, sanitary kitchen appliances. The company is well-recognized in contracting with very professional experience in the field of renewable energy; providing global, high class, end-to-end services by offering a variable solution. Pivot Jordan’s services extend throughout the value chain from origination to disposal of projects, providing a totally green solution for turn-key projects.

Pivot Jordan’s vision is to successfully promote renewable energy to global markets, working with investors and developers to make the process commercially viable for all concerned. The company has a variety of products from Jordan, Italy and Spain that meet the green and LEED standards. Its mission is to be the leading specialist agency in the global renewable energy space. The Renewable Energy Agency’s record of accomplishment proves that the company has an excellent working relationship and a strong understanding of its client’s needs. Pivot Jordan team sources and qualifies projects globally.

The departments at Pivot Jordan include Electromechanical (lighting, power, security, firefighting systems, HVAC, drainage systems, sanitary and kitchen appliances); Renewable Energy (photovoltaic system on/off grid and wheeling); Construction Management (electromechanical project delivery system, auditing project cost estimation, project planning, project scheduling, resources management project, financial management, procurement resources management); Energy Solutions and Engineering Services (EPS walls, biogas systems).

Pivot Jordan’s future perspective is to build an environment community model built on a modern integrated sustainable technology.


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