Arab Renewable Energy Commission – AREC


AREC is the commission representing all stakeholders involved in Renewable Energy in the Arab World. It operates under the council of the Arab Economic Unit of the League of Arab States, as a non-profit organization founded in 2011 in Amman (Jordan) and recognized by Royal Decree. AREC is chaired by His Excellency Mr. Aziz Rabah, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Morocco and it consists of 16 Arab countries as founders

Arab countries are facing many challenges in adopting Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) in their energy policies. Low awareness from the consumer side is also impeding civil society drivers to move faster to greener sources. Therefore, despite the energy map target of 10%-20% of the total energy demand from RE by 2020, the potential and benefits of RE are still not well recognized.

The Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC) intends to work towards facilitating and promoting the culture of RE and EE to support the development and use of RE in all aspects of life.

AREC mission:
To encourage the use of clean renewable energy in the Arab World by disseminating awareness and motivating investments due to its positive revenue on all Arab countries. AREC aims to promote meaningful ways for expanding the use of alternative energy sources rather than the use of nonrenewable, and therefore it encourages activities and investments to develop the use of alternative sources, including conferences in all Arab areas aiming at bringing together the largest number of Arab States and their companies.

AREC activities:
1. Advise on renewable energy and various projects.
2. Training programs in the areas of green energy.
3. Establishment of a network to continue with foreign companies and institutes working in the field of renewable energy.
4. The establishment of conferences, symposia and workshops in different regions.
5. Multilateral assistance in attracting investment to the region, in order to develop and expand the use of renewable energy.

AREC recurrent activities:
• Arab Renewable Energy Week.
• Arab Renewable Energy Forum.
• Green Generation and Green School Awards.
• International Investment Forum for Renewable energy and Energy Efficiency.

For more information, contact Eng. Mohammed Al Taani, General Secretary, at email address [email protected] or phone number +962-77-7418782

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