Algebra Intelligence

Algebra Intelligence is a software development firm that integrates artificial intelligence solutions into the energy sector with the aim of ushering smart technology in sustainable development.

With the aim of providing smart energy solutions to cut energy expenditures by up to 30% through efficient energy management techniques, such as assessing energy performance, setting energy-saving goals, and a real-time monitoring system, Algebra Intelligence developed TaQTaK, its first energy solution.

TaQTaK is a user-friendly, thorough and detailed monitoring tool to precisely track measurements in near real-time. Additionally, TaQTaK offers active notifications that list the day-by-day activities. and proactive notifications offering actions prepared for the future.

The performance indicator for TaQTaK is a cutting-edge delivery tool that conveys the system’s performance while taking into account the impact of ancillary factors. The system runs in accordance with international standards. Furthermore, the TaQTaK dashboard-based maintenance management system is userfriendly and allows users to obtain technical support. It was created to help energy managers and companies retain profitability and overlook failure and downtime.

The machine that provides future-ready data on the amount of energy production, consumption, or both is known as energy forecasting. With the help of this service, AI algorithms can generate results that are almost exact for the hour or several hours ahead.

Last but not least, TaQTaK’s billing indicator is a technology that relieves customers by informing users daily of predicted billing charges prior to receiving their real electricity bill. It makes it simple for users to manage costs and make financial estimates.

In addition to TaQTaK, Algebra Intelligence has developed T-Check, a CMMS (Computerized Repair Management Software) system that lets users simplify the management of their assets and assists in service planning and maintenance request tracking. T-Check maximizes asset availability and utilization.


Savings on Energy Consumption: 846,629 kWh
Enhancement in RE Generation: 1,743 MWh/Year
Reduction of CO2 Emissions: 388 Tons

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