Alryadeh Est. for Electricity & Renewable Energy Services

Alryadeh Establishment for Electricity & Renewable Energy Services was founded in 2018 and is licensed by EMRC (Class A).

Alryadeh is pleased to present its cadres of engineers and staff in designing and installing renewable energy systems.

Alryadeh’s partners with leading and distinguished renewable energy companies to implement projects across the Kingdom. Alryadeh's role in such projects includes carrying out electrical and mechanical work.

Projects were implemented with companies through electrical or mechanical works, or both.

Iron steel is designed through engineering programs, in accordance with the international code and according to wind speeds; with installations performed by technicians and supervision engineers.

What distinguishes Alryadeh is the wide range of its services offered. The company supplies its partners with all the materials they need for a safe and successful renewable energy installation, such as electricity cables, electrical circuit breakers, circuit breaker panels, and PVC, all at a competitive price.

Alryadeh is an exclusive dealer and distributor for Laroup, Must inverters and Fanton.


• Al-Asalah Furniture
• TKM Furniture
• Al-Redwan Furniture
• Vision for TV Production
• Habiba hypermarket
• Habiba stores
• Mosques
• Commercial projects
• Residential projects

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