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BDO Global identifies various environmental issues and market demands, that are threatening the growth and stability of the manufacturing, farming, marketing, and shipping sectors among other business sectors.

The BDO solution involves addressing these threats through supply chain management, pollution prevention studies, and green entrepreneurship initiatives with the aim of enhancing the economy. As such, BDO Jordan helps individuals, companies, and communities manage potential risks, such as those brought on by climate change.

Based on the urgent need to substitute the present economic activities with green activities to achieve a green investment, it has become necessary to provide consulting services for various projects. This would support the protection of the environment and investment stability and sustainability.

Therefore, Green and Sustainability Services (GSS) at BDO Jordan offer knowledge-based services that improve operational performance, productivity, and efficiency while reducing costs, resources, energy consumption, water consumption, and waste generation. Through the GSS unit, BDO works with its clients to embed sustainability in all aspects of their business. This includes defining material areas of intervention, designing plans and policies for prevention, executing interventions.

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