Conventional Energy Services

Jordan Oil Terminals Company-JOTC

JOTC is a private shareholding company wholly owned by the Government of Jordan, that owns and operates three independent terminals strategically distributed in Jordan offering a total storage capacity of around 755,000 CBM for petroleum products and 41,360 CBM for Liquified Petroleum Gas “LPG”. These state-of-the-art terminals were built according to the safest and highest quality standards and are operated following the latest best international practices in the oil and gas sector.

Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company-JoPetrol

Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company (JoPetrol) is a Jordanian company established in 2013 and fully owned by Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC), representing its sole commercial arm to distribute petroleum products in the Kingdom.

Since its establishment, JoPetrol has been distinguished for marketing and promoting diversified and high-tech products within the energy sector. JoPetrol possesses, supplies and manages more than 400 service stations distributed across the Kingdom, to ensure fulfilling the current and future energy requirements.

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