Energy Technology Providers

Jawharat AlDurr AlManthoor

Jawharat AlDurr AlManthoor (JDM) is a general supplier and procurement services provider. The company has always shared a great and prosperous relationship with its esteemed clients, supplying them with all their needs of requirements in different aspects, from pipes and fittings (stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys ,.. etc) to valves and pumps, nuts and bolts, steel structures, electrical instruments and welding electrodes. JDM is also the agent of ZULFI welding electrodes, which is a factory located in KSA.

Solar PiezoClean

Solar PiezoClean is a pioneer in PV cleaning technologies, starting its journey through an invention of self-cleaning technology for solar panels without the use of water by the founder Maher Maymoun.

The Solar PiezoClean invention has reached its 4th generation, which is under development in cooperation with a team of experts at University of North Texas (UNT), and the plan is to integrate this technology within the manufacturing process of solar panels.

Sager Drone

Sager Drone is a leading drone technology company specialized in the delivery of intelligent data-based solutions. Headquartered in Amman with a regional presence spanning across the Middle East, Sager Drone has been recognized by the United States Department of Commerce as one of the top two leading companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Al Masoudia Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. (MASEICO)

Al Masoudia Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. (MASEICO) was established in Saudi Arabia in 1992. Later on, in 2015, it transferred its 20+ years of experiences to Jordan. Since then, MASEICO has supplied the Jordanian market with high quality products matching international standards such as NEMA, IEC, BS, UL and ATEX specifications.

MASEICO offers a variety of solutions to suit all requirements of the Jordanian, Arabian Gulf and Middle Eastern markets; as well as materials, dimensions and designs.

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