Environmental & Water Services


Engicon is a well-established consulting firm that enjoys a wide presence across the MENA region and beyond with a project history since the company was established in 1988 by Marwan Zureiqat. With its 450-strong team of engineers and experts, Engicon operates across multiple offices and project sites covering the region. The firm has grown to become an engineering powerhouse with a long list of successful projects.

BDO Jordan (Samman & Co)

BDO Global identifies various environmental issues and market demands, that are threatening the growth and stability of the manufacturing, farming, marketing, and shipping sectors among other business sectors.

The BDO solution involves addressing these threats through supply chain management, pollution prevention studies, and green entrepreneurship initiatives with the aim of enhancing the economy. As such, BDO Jordan helps individuals, companies, and communities manage potential risks, such as those brought on by climate change.

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