Meroun Green Solutions

Meroun Green Solutions (MGS) focuses on providing energy saving solutions to the Jordanian market and is looking to expand its operations in the region.

The company solutions provided include PV systems, heat pumps, BioPCmat™ and Green Hydrogen.

PV systems are offered by MGS as an EPC contractor, as well as PV components such as PV panels and the supply of inverters. The company has more than 500 projects in various governorates of Jordan, with capabilities ranging from residential to large-scale projects and for all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, educational and farms sector (on-grid, off-grid, water pumping and hybrid PV systems).

The company also provides heat pumps for heating and cooling for all applications; whether residential, commercial or industrial especially swimming pools and space/water heating and cooling. MGS imports its own systems from leading manufacturers of heat pumps.

Regarding BioPCmat™, it is the next generation in high energy efficiency management for buildings which uses bio based phase change materials to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. As for Green Hydrogen, MGS has signed an MOU with leading companies in Germany to work on H2 technology for Jordan and regional markets.

MGS is ranked “A” by Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission for supply, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

The company is an authorized distributor for Fimer inverters (Italy), and partners with leading suppliers of PV components like Canadian Solar Co. MGS is an expert in O&M for solar power plants, offering a full range of plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance services backed up by appropriate contractual guarantees depending on customer requirements.

Meroun Green Solutions (MGS) has a well-trained and experienced technical team competent to review project requirements, design efficient solutions and deliver reliable systems which meet client’s expectations and provide satisfaction.

ميرون للحلول الخضراء

• PV solar panels
• PV Inverters
• Heat Pumps
• BioPCM


• PV solar systems (on-grid, off-grid, water pumping and hybrid systems)
• Wind turbine system
• Waste management
• Consultation services and Feasibility study for energy saving solution
• Projects developers


• PV Projects
- Project developer - Jordan Hospital - 4000 KWp
- The Saudi Jordanian Industrial Development Co. (Jordina) - 1500 KWp
- Al-Ahliyya Amman University - 1030 KWp
- Danish Jordanian Dairy Co. (Baladna) - 605 KWp
- Sama Farm (Hammoudeh) - 560 KWp
- Mr. Mousa Bdeir Farm - 182 KWp

• Heat Pumps Projects
- Jordan Free and Development Zones Group - 278 KW Heating
- Mr. Rajab Hanieh Villa - 108 KW Heating
- Mr. Osama Barakat Farm - 80 KW Heating
- Mr. Fawaz Abu Al-Naser House - 56 KW Heating
- Mr. Mohammad Al-Oqdah House - 52 KW Heating

• BioBCM Projects:
- Mr. Ahmad Al-Horani Villa
- Eng. Mutaz Khattab Villa
- Dr. Asaad Al-Hroob Villa
- Dawakom (Leen) Pharmacy


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