Nashwan for Energy Solutions

Nashwan for Energy Solutions is specialized in the power and energy sector. It is one of the pioneers in implementing PV and wind projects in the region. The company has implemented hundreds of roof projects in the Middle-East; Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and Syria since 2004; with a diversity of small scale rooftop projects in PV systems, and also large scale PV farms and wind farms.

As for conventional power, Nashwan for Energy Solutions has installed 120 MW power plants including switchgear, transformers, and LV systems. pumps, chillers, and cooling towers. Then it accomplished another 70 MW plant in Abu Dhabi, and another project in Abu Dhabi which was 35 MW.

It is known that the the problem is the polluting of the atmosphere and the changing of climate by burning coal and oil. The solution is known, a quick transition to 100% clean energy sources including wind, solar, and alternative fuels. Fortunately, Nashwan for Energy Solutions has some of the best people who have dedicated their lives to tackling this exact challenge, and in order to make the company’s vision a reality.

Nashwan for Energy Solutions is interested in developing its services and projects to delight its customers. The company applied hiring, safety and quality policies to achieve that goal. Nashwan for Energy Solutions hires people, qualifies them, invests in them, and utilizes them to accomplish company goals. Also, safety standards are the company’s path to achieve its goals. Regarding quality, it is the criteria which the company considers to enhance its achievements.


• Diesel Generator Projects: 25 MW Gas turbine “Turbo Mach “3-Units / EGYPT, 28 MW Diesel generator power plant (14 × 2000 KVA) Caterpillar Baniyas.
• On-Grid Systems: Mediterranean Steel Co.- 21MWp, Royal-Amman Hotel – 6.750 MWp, FRV project for ASTRACO - 50 MWp, Orayx Scatec Plant – 10 MWp.
• On-Grid: Nimer AL-LWAZI Co. - 50 Kw, Ameen Al-badad - 12.5 Kw, Mohammed Jebrel - 12.5 Kw, Abdullah Abeed - 15 Kw.


First Climate, Saudi ASMA Environmental Solutions LLC (SAES), Alfa Aluminium Pvt. Ltd, COWI, EcoSecurities, Eurovix, DNV KEMA, EcoLumina Technologies Inc. (ETI), POWER ONE, Sharp, SMA, Solar World AG, Trina Solar and many others.

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