NUR Solar Systems

Building on an experience of more than 35 years in renewable energy applications and energy systems, NUR Solar Systems is an efficient, thriving, and dynamic firm that helps facilities, corporations, and homes to make smart energy and resource use a central part of the way they live and work.

NUR Solar Systems stays focused on meeting the needs of its clients and its team of experts and the company is completely dedicated to achieving its mission. The company has unequaled expertise in building sciences, management, public policy, design, energy efficiency programs for residential, industrial and commercial applications, renewable energy systems and technologies, and much more.

NUR Solar Systems expanded its activities to offer its solar products to neighboring countries including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Egypt, U.A.E, Tunisia, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen.

NUR Solar Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company with the highest level of commitment to quality

NUR Solar Systems is, predominantly, a construction company providing project management, engineering, procurement, and construction services to the RE industry. With more than 80 MW of installed capacity and another 5 MW under construction, the company is among the top-tier renewable energy EPCs in Jordan. The company is also a member in all relevant energy and engineering associations, in Jordan and globally.

NUR Solar Systems, providing renewable energy solutions since 1983.


• Royal Hashemite Court: Solar water heating system & swimming pool heating.
• Royal Initiative: Solar water heaters in North of Jordan, 1000 Units.
• British Embassy, Amman Solar Water Heaters Projects.
• Embassy of The Republic of Bulgaria, Solar Water Heater.
• Ma’an Wind Power Project - 80 MWp: Subcontracting electro-mechanical, MV installation & WTG connections.
• International Academy Amman (IAA) - 750 kWp.
• Manaseer Oil & Gas - 648.12 kWp.
• The Royal Hashemite Court-Haya Cultural Center - 255 kWp (car park).
• IUCN Solar Thermal Project 250 Units.
• Nuqul Group: Fine Hygienic Holding, Al Keena, Al Snobar, & Sabec Factory Plants, energy & water management audit.
• More than 6.5 MWp for residential & commercial sectors.


• Solar Key Mark
• Royal Scientific Society of Jordan (Test Certificate)
• Made in Jordan
• 1 LEED Green Associate – Outsource
• 1 Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)
• 2 Renewable Energy Professionals (REP)
• 1 Energy Efficiency Practitioners (EEP)
• 1 Certified Energy Auditors (CEA)
• 3 Certified Energy Managers (CEM)

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