Sol First

Sol First provides a global and local experience fusion, dedicated to better serving the growing demand for renewable energy. The company is a Joint Venture of two partners; a local and an international energy services company, dedicated to the expansion and enhancement of renewable energy solutions in Jordan and the region. Sol First aims to become a leading player in the renewable energy services sector, through combining its ad hoc renewable energy expertise with proprietary technology.

The team at Sol First are experts in implementing realistic solutions to today’s energy problems in line with the company’s core values relying on the quality of the relationships it has with its stakeholders, clients, employees, local communities and more. As your business partner, Sol First allocates the needed time, assigns the best resources and implements the proper business methods, strategies and tactics. This means that the company provides top quality products and services while maximizing the business relations.

Sol First diversified services are tailored for households, businesses and the utility segments. The company deploys thorough and well-planned methodologies to ensure providing top quality services. Since Sol First is fully committed to its economic and ecological responsibilities, the company values individual and collective contribution by providing an environment where everyone is able to develop and learn.

The sun is the source of life, a powerful center of attention, holding the solar system together and pouring life-giving light, heat and energy on Earth. Today, Sol First wants to seize the opportunity of collaborating with the sun; humanity's old-time partner and help solve the growing energy and pollution challenges. Your green journey is just a few steps away, with Sol First.

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● 1300 Mwp - Designed, Installed, Developed & managed
● 500 GWp - Energy produced from the SUN
● 500.000 M/T - CO2 Emissions


● Needle Craft Company - Capacity: 1250 Kwp
● World Islamic - Science & Education University - Capacity: 950 Kwp
● Hijazi & Ghosheh - 762 Kwp
● Nuqul Company - Capacity: 762 Kwp
● French School - Capacity: 154 Kwp
● Dababneh Villa - Capacity: 13 Kwp

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