Bayt Alebdaa for Renewable Energy

Bayt Al-Ebda’a is a renewable energy company committed to making a difference in the fight for the environment. The company aims to achieve this by directly sourcing the best quality renewable energy solutions.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a only purchases proven and tested quality components from reputable suppliers; providing customers with the tools to join the fight for the environment by reducing their carbon footprint and achieving totally sustainable solar power.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a is a local leader in the solar energy market in the Kingdom and has served up to 200 clients. The company offers a fullservice portfolio for solar projects of all scales that includes technical consulting, and installation and maintenance service.

The goals of Bayt Al-Ebda’a are to meet its client’s objectives by leveraging quality, performance, price competitiveness and history. These constitute the company’s strength and commitment to warranty.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a achieves excellence in operations. It’s mission is to provide its customers with ecofriendly and cost effective solutions, while constantly developing its capabilities in the field of renewable energy, focusing on the main goal of being number one in the field, embracing ethical values and honest working principles, creating and implementing plans for the future.

It’s vision is innovation and development. Bayt Al-Ebda’a believes that the planet is the legacy of mankind, and there’s only one. The extensive use of fossil fuel energy has caused irreversible damage. The more humans wait, the worse it will get. Bayt Al-Ebda’a belief in the sustainability of renewable energy, as a clean source, is the reason why it is fully committed to contribute to innovation and growth in renewable energy across the globe.

The values of Bayt Al-Ebda’a as a pioneer of new technologies are Quality, Safety, Responsibility, Humanity and Excellence.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a is committed to providing the best service for its clients. The team of expert engineers and technical professionals works on your project stage-by-stage.

Most importantly, Bayt Al-Ebda’a understands that each of its clients’ projects is unique. So, to deliver on the promise of uncompromising service, Bayt Al-Ebda’a follows a special strategy for each client to suit the specifics of each project.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a is distinguished by a strong management team, commanding extensive solar experience. The core team comprises dynamic individuals with passion and dedication who are instrumental in developing the status and profile of the company as a local leader in the kingdom. The company’s continued success depends on every employee, from back-end to the front office. Due to their relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to high standards, the Bayt Al-Ebda’a team has helped translate the company’s goals into substantial accomplishments over the years. Every member of the team believes strongly in the vision and core values of the company.

Bayt Al-Ebda’a aims is to be dedicated to providing adequately sized, professionally designed and installed photovoltaic electric systems to its clients.


• Al Azraq Farms (60 KWp)
• Fagouri Hotel Apartments (35.75 KWp)
•Salah Al-Saifah Project (25 KWp)
• Moayed Al Assaf (18.85 KWp)
• Annan Al-Khatib (17.875 KWp)
• Raed al-Qaisi (13.86 KWp)
• Nables Association (11.88 KWp)
• Fuhais Evangelical Pentecostal (11.425 KWp)

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