ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions

ETA-max Energy & Environmental Solutions was established in 2011 with a vision to transform the society towards a more efficient, sustainable, and environment friendly life style.

ETA-max is a regional leader in the development of turn-key solar photovoltaic systems which provide safe, reliable, maintenance-free and environment-friendly sources of power with a typical life cycle of 25 years.

Since establishment, ETA-max has worked hard to earn the trust of the local market and has been able to provide its services to an impressive and diverse list of clients.

With more than 35 MW of installed capacity, and another 7 MW under construction, ETA-max is among the top tier renewable energy EPCs in Jordan.

Today, after nine interesting years of hard work and dedication, ETA-max is in the right position to offer its hard-gained experience to contribute to the development of emerging solar markets in the region.

In addition to its core business model as an EPC for solar PV systems, ETA-max has a well-established reputation in providing energy auditing and energy management solutions; and in designing and conducting tailored capacity building programs in energy management and renewable energy.

The company has a successful track record in this regard with clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and in Jordan.

ETA-max brings its experience, expertise, creativity and commitment not only to achieve its clients’ goals, but to exceed their expectations through self-set standards of professional services. ETA-max always aims at and sustains genuine partnerships with its clients, associates and colleagues to open the door for expanded opportunities for better services and continuous development.

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• University of Jordan (UoJ) – 13.6 MWp
• Jordanian Ice Soda & Pepsi Co. (JICE) – 1.8 MWp
• Fresh Fruits – 1.7 MWp
• Razi – 1 MWp
• Cowater – 1 MWp
• Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – 255 kWp
• 400+ Residential, Commercial, Government & Industrial Projects


Accredited for PV Projects 0 -125 kWp
Accredited for PV Projects 200 kWp – 2.5 MWp


• 7 Certified Energy Managers (CEM)
• 3 Certified Energy Auditors (CEA)
• 3 Energy Efficiency Practitioners (EEP)
• 3 Renewable Energy Professionals (REP)
• 1 Business Energy Professional (BEP)
• 1 Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)
• 1 Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM)
• 1 LEED Green Associate

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