Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company-JoPetrol

Jordan Petroleum Products Marketing Company (JoPetrol) is a Jordanian company established in 2013 and fully owned by Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC), representing its sole commercial arm to distribute petroleum products in the Kingdom.

Since its establishment, JoPetrol has been distinguished for marketing and promoting diversified and high-tech products within the energy sector. JoPetrol possesses, supplies and manages more than 400 service stations distributed across the Kingdom, to ensure fulfilling the current and future energy requirements.

JoPetrol’s vision is to be the first energy resource reference in the local market and to provide products and services in line with the sector development and to meet the world environmental, health and safety guidelines.

In terms of its network, JoPetrol owns the largest market share and the largest modernized fuel transportation fleet in the Kingdom. Part of its activities are related to supplying fuel for aviation and vessels, as well as supplying houses, companies, factories, and hotels with fuel for heating and operational equipment. Also, JoPetrol provides vehicles with the finest petroleum products, oils, car wash and tires services.

Over the years, JoPetrol continues to keep pace with the latest technological solutions used worldwide through an experienced team and competent professionals. With the rise of global demand for energy and rapid growth of competitive markets, supervision and quality control are a necessary requirement at JoPetrol.

JoPetrol is keen to provide high quality services that suit all types of customers.

Complying with its strategic vision, JoPetrol announced the acquisition of Hydron Energy (Gulf) company in 2019.

JoPetrol pays special attention to corporate social responsibility and to serving local communities, by focusing on the enhancement of social commitments, and developing the local society in various aspects.

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Products & Services

• Gas stations:
- Petroleum Products
- C-Store
- Restaurants, Café’s, Bakery, Sweets shops
- Oil Change
- Car Wash
- Tires Services
• Online Service
• Jaw- Diesel Service (Diesel Home Delivery)
• JO Card- Smart Card
• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
• WhatsApp Service

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