Sager Drone

Sager Drone is a leading drone technology company specialized in the delivery of intelligent data-based solutions. Headquartered in Amman with a regional presence spanning across the Middle East, Sager Drone has been recognized by the United States Department of Commerce as one of the top two leading companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Sager Drone operates as a platformas- a-service and uses the latest aerial technologies, mainly drones, to collect assets’ data, analyze it, and connect it to its platform, SagerSpace™, that turns them into a digital ecosystem with actionable insights to help managing them more efficiently.

Sager Drone delivers IEC compliant dronebased solutions for renewable energy assets through utilizing drone and AI technologies to improve speed, efficiency, and safety. Sager Drone provides aerial maps, 3D models and inspection analytics allowing owners, developers, EPCs, and O&M providers of renewable energy assets to understand the performance of their projects, and to detect any defects causing losses in energy production.

Sager Drone’s main asset is its team, a group of passionate entrepreneurs, aeronautical engineers, drone pilots and software developers, operating all together in coherence, and complementing each other’s skill sets to form a trusted team who is up to the challenge of becoming the industry leader.

Selected Projects

• Baynouna - 247 MWp
• Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Mafraq - 69.7 MWp
• Fotowatio Renewable Ventures Empire - 69.7 MWp
• Hussaineyyah - 66 MWp
• ACWA Power Mafraq - 60.9 MWp
• Orange - 36.7 MWp
• GID - 18.3 MWp
• Umniah - 17.7 MWp
• Carrefour - 17 MWp
• ASEZA - 6 MWp
• Classic Fashion - 5.4 MWp
• Safeway - 4 MWp
• Taj Mall - 4 MWp
• Specialty Hospital - 2 MWp
• Jordan Hospital - 1.8 MWp
• Jabri - 1.2 MWp

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