Sanabel is an award-winning firm founded in Amman in 1985, committed to using a holistic landscape approach in order to produce spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sustainable and socio-culturally oriented. The firm further integrates a collaborative participatory process that engages the community, including project stakeholders and partners alike.

Sanabel specializes in the three interrelated fields of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Consultancy starting from initial Concepts and Strategies/ Guidelines to Construction Design and Tender Documents; Consulting and Research in fields such as Agriculture and Horticulture, Permaculture and Agro-Ecology, Green Rating Systems, Community Consultations, Xeriscape Design, and Urban Research; and in Project Management and Supervision on Implementation and Maintenance.

Operating on a global level, Sanabel is proud of its adoption of the key values of professionalism, innovation, high quality standards and ethics which have resulted in a solid reputation among clients and associates and successful projects across the region. This is endorsed by a team of Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, City Planners, Architects, Ecological Managers, Agricultural Engineers, Horticulturists, Irrigation Engineers, and a complete team of trained workers, experienced in their respective fields.

Sanabel engages in various activities that promote the well-being of its greater local and regional community In line with its core values, particularly community welfare and ethics.


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