Solar PiezoClean

Solar PiezoClean is a pioneer in PV cleaning technologies, starting its journey through an invention of self-cleaning technology for solar panels without the use of water by the founder Maher Maymoun.

The Solar PiezoClean invention has reached its 4th generation, which is under development in cooperation with a team of experts at University of North Texas (UNT), and the plan is to integrate this technology within the manufacturing process of solar panels.

For PV developers and installers, Solar PiezoClean provides annual contracts for cleaning, monitoring and maintenance. The company has completed more than 200 MWp of cleaning projects, and has been achieved within high standards and premium quality.

Solar PiezoClean provides Eco-sprinklers (automatic PV cleaning system) which are ideal for small and medium sized projects (20 kWp to 750 kWp). They are also ideal for car park canopies, hangers, steel structures, and limited access areas.

The features of Solar PiezoClean solutions include water savings, safety, WiFi option, full automation, high efficiency, high quality, minimal maintenance, and the solutions are tested for 3 years and considered to be the best in the region for quality, efficiency and cost.

Another well known service by PiezoClean is the Thermal Imaging service, which can be performed as essential routine preventive or predictive maintenance measures to detect any anomalies or issues in electrical cables, breakers, boards, solar modules and inverters.


• Eco-sprinklers Automatic PV Cleaning System
• Dry PV Cleaning Machines
• Dry PV Cleaning Linear Robots
• Wet PV Cleaning Robots
• Remote Controlled PV Cleaning Robots
• Robotic Arm PV cleaning truck


• Renewable Energy Executive of the year 2022
• D CEO Energy Awards Texas USA
• One of top 10 young persons of the world JCI Inter. 2019
• Young Energy Prof of the Year 2018 AEE USA
• TIP Energy Award UAE 2020
• GIST Tech Awards 2016
• Emirates Energy Award 2015
• Queen Rania Entr. Award 2015

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