Toshima for Renewable Energy

Toshima for Renewable Energy is an eco-friendly energy solutions provider established by a professional team in 2014, with a head office in Jordan.

The company specializes in renewable energy systems including photovoltaic systems, managing energy audit projects, and Operations & Maintenance.

Toshima Renewable Energy is committed to contributing to sustainable development. It works towards achieving its goal of protecting the environment and benefiting society by giving people the power of energy independence, with maximum savings and convenience, through integrated and energy efficient solutions for the environment.

The main goal is to preserve the environment by producing clean, sustainable and efficient energy in order to ensure the “green future” of all mankind.

Toshima is one of the leading installers of thin film modules in Jordan, in addition to using polycrystalline and mono-crystalline modules.

Toshima for Renewable Energy takes extra steps to ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards.

توشيما للطاقة المتجددة
Selected Projects

• Zamzam factory for plastic industry, 400 kWp
• Hyundai Showroom, 100 kWp
• Jordan Universal Wood Industries Co. (Jorsal), 256 kWp
• Masaya halls for wedding services, 50 kWp
• Ali Abu Awwad Stores, 100 kWp
• Amara Trading Center (ATC), 47.6 kWp
• AlMashrek Marketing, 72.4 kWp

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