Abdali Mall

In 2021, ALTAYSEER provided a full turn key solution for the engineering design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a 1.923 MWp Solar PV system for Abdali Mall. This is part of a 3 MWp solar plant that Alternative Energy Project Co. had developed for Abdali Mall.

The 1.923 MWp PV system installation includes 4355 PV Modules, 23 String Inverters and two types of mounting installations. One is a ground mounted single axis tracker (which results in a 20% higher energy production compared to a traditional fixed mounted installation) and the other is fixed rooftop

ALTAYSEER renewable energy department is also responsible for the O&M and Performance monitoring of the plant. All operation, maintenance and performance monitoring are done based on IEC61724.

Furthermore, regular Preventive Maintenance activities are performed at regular intervals to guarantee the quality, reliability and maximum energy output of the PV plant.

The 1.923 MWp solar plant was commercially commissioned in October 2021 and produces 3560 MWh per Year, which contributes to CO2 savings of 1650 Tons per Year.

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