Al Hussein Youth City (HYC)

The HYC solar PV plant with 2.8 MWp – net metering is owned by the Ministry of Youth, located in Al Hussein Youth city Amman, Jordan, and is connected with the grid utility related to JEPCO and consists of Jinko JKM-545-M-72HL4 modules and ABB (50 KW and 27.6 KW) inverters connected to nine separate electricity meters with JEPCO.

The expected date to operate the power plant is the 30th of December 2022 with an expected production of 4.4 GWh annually, after completing the testing and commissioning successfully with JEPCO under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Works & Housing (MoPWH).

Kawar Energy provides the DBOT solution for the Design, Procurement, Build & Operate of the plant

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