Eagle - Taibeh PV Solar Power Plant

The infrared thermography inspection for the PV solar power plant in Taibeh, Irbid, was requested by the client Belectric Gulf for all the PV modules and some DC connecters, randomly selected by the client.

The inspection was planned and executed in April 2022, during which the weather conditions were appropriate for Infrared Thermography surveying and conforming to international standards.

The PV system is a single axis tracker consisting of 166 trackers and 128 inverters, 50Kw each, with a total capacity of 5.742 MWp generated by 15,732 PV Solar modules. The modules are JA Solar / JAM72S01 365 Wp capacity.

The PV system was inspected using a thermal camera in the daytime where the sun irradiation (POA) values ranged from 720 W/m2 - 1011 W/m2, as taken from the site weather station.

Adva Therm tasks were infrared thermal imaging of all PV modules and MC4 connections.

The final and the most important part was to study, analyze and prepare a fully detailed Infrared thermal report which includes all and every heat anomaly analyzed in a separate page including temperature profile, recommended solution with repair priority that conforms to international standards.

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