JOCC Solar Thermal Cooling System Pilot Project

The Solar Thermal Cooling System Pilot Project in Aqaba – Jordan aims to mobilize new areas of Investments and together aims to increase the quality of life for all. The final beneficiary of the project is Aqaba Chamber of Commerce Building – Aqaba. The contracting authority is the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JOCC), and it is open to all local specialized qualified contractors. The of MEI as the main contractor is to be responsible for the Engineering, Supply, Installation, Operation & Commissioning of the Solar Thermal Energy Cooling System

The project is to retrofit on the roof of the JOCC building in Aqaba a solar thermal heating system to produce hot water at low temperature. This hot water will then drive an absorption chiller to produce chilled water at a temperature lower than the existing compression chiller return line temperature.

The project objectives are to reduce electricity consumption for cooling of the JOCC building in Aqaba. Noting that the absorption chiller consumes only 5~10% electric power compared with an electric chiller; reduce operational hours of the existing compression chiller which will lead to extending its operational life and reducing maintenance costs; demonstrate savings by the use of solar thermal energy in cooling systems as an alternative to conventional compression cooling; reduce usage of harmful refrigerant gasses and CO2 emissions; create a reference for future projects in Jordan and MENA in usage of thermal cooling by solar or waste heat; and build awareness of such technology, local expertise and technical knowhow to enhance solar thermal cooling technologies.

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