Oak Saraya (Residential Villas)

The Oak Saraya residential villas consist of eight semi-attached residences.

The project was designed under sustainability criteria, which included efficiency in water, energy, and materials, in order to provide its residents with efficient and environmentally friendly housing, each residence has its own entrance and garden with high energy and water efficiency as compared to typical local practices.

The project earned an EDGE Advanced Green Building Certification by achieving 51% energy savings by applying many measures including full thermal insulated exterior walls using green cellulose with special attention to detailing, highly efficient window glazing and frames, highly efficient heating and cooling systems, highly reflective cool roofs, and the rooms also have maximized natural sunlight and airflow, reducing the need for lighting and air conditioning.

43% water savings by applying many measures including an on-site wastewater treatment plant, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and an efficient irrigation system using 100%treated water.

Further sustainability features include conserving natural resources by preserving all the existing Oak trees on site and using local materials.

The project will have reduced operational carbon of 88 tCO2 annually.

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