Orange Jordan Solar Farms EPC Project

In line with the national strategy agenda to promote sustainable and affordable energy in Jordan. Kawar Energy is proud to announce the full implementation of Orange Jordan’s solar farms project, Jordan’s largest solar wheeling project.

Kawar Energy completed the design, engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of three independent photovoltaic (PV) power plants totaling 36.7 MWP in capacity. They are currently in operation by NEPCO’s, JEPCO’s and IDECO’s grids.

Orange Jordan Solar Farms are the largest projects servicing a telecom provider in Jordan. Kawar Energy has set an extraordinary record regarding the duration from the beginning of construction to the completion of the plant. All three power plants are injecting electricity to the grid through the wheeling mechanism and are producing enough electricity to cover a significant portion of Orange Jordan’s total electricity consumption. Solar power will sustainably offset a portion of Orange Jordan’s energy consumption, leading to a more eco-friendly telecom industry in the Kingdom and a positive impact on Orange Jordan Telecom’s operations.

Given the ever-increasing global importance of renewable energy projects, Kawar Energy is proud to have been chosen as the EPC and O&M contractors of the largest private-to-private solar PV wheeling project in Jordan. The company’s commitment to safeguard Jordan’s environment will undoubtedly be manifested by the prevention of 34,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year

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