Plant for the Civil Defense Directorate

The Civil Defense Directorate (CDD) project located in Al Hasa in Tafileh, South of Jordan, is realized as a ground mounted solar plant. It is contracted as a Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) contract for 43 months, for the value JOD 1,075,000 on Wheeling basis and connected to the medium voltage overhead lines of the electricity utility, which is the Electricity Distribution Company (EDCO). The project’s main target was to cover complete electricity consumption of CDD’s workshop and centers located in the South of Jordan, specifically in Karak, Tafielh, Ma’an and Aqaba; providing them with net-zero energy.

FB GROUP’s scope, as the main contractor included, but not limited to, financing, designing, obtaining approvals, supplying, installing, connecting, and operating of the plant components, until final hand over; as well as operation and maintenance for the BOT period plus 24 months (total 67 months).

The project provides a medium voltage connection. Due to the fact that the solar plant is constructed to cover the loads of the CDD’s southern facilities according to the wheeling methodology, and the fact that the nearest point of common coupling is 11 km far; the following procedure has been implemented in order to ensure the most reliable and professional communication to connect the main distribution board of the plant (MDB) to the low voltage side of the transformer which has a capacity 1.6 KVA, in order to transform the voltage from 0.400 KV To 33 KV. The transformer is connected to 33 KV delivery station which has to feed the auxiliary loads. It is connected to a 33KV auto-recloser and then to the point of common coupling (MV overhead Lines).
Being a BOT contracted project, FB GROUP is the party responsible for the operation and maintenance of the project for the BOT period (43 months) plus two years. That is a total of 67 months, starting from COD until April 4, 2023. FB GROUP’s scope for O&M includes Remote Monitoring and Controlling, Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Solar modules cleaning, and Reporting.

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