Jordan Tera Watt Renewable Energy Company L.L.C.

Businesses trust Jordan Tera Watt as their long-term solar energy partner.

The company’s proven process and experienced team allow customers to implement solar seamlessly, leading to reduced energy costs and a more sustainable future.

Jordan Tera Watt is an environmentally friendly company seeking to provide renewable energy alternatives through an elite experience in the field of renewable energy.

The company excels and specializes in solar PV systems and energy management projects.

Jordan Tera Watt’s partners are among the leading global companies in the development and management of renewable energy solutions in Europe and the Middle East region.

The main goal of Jordan Tera Watt is to preserve the environment, by generating clean and sustainable energy in order to ensure a “green future” for all humanity. The company bears the responsibility to raise societal awareness in the field of renewable energy, especially directing families and employers regarding the necessity of reducing energy depletion to work with Jordan Tera Watt, hand in hand, as friends of the environment.


• Member and executive arm of the Arab Renewable Energy Commission (AREC).


• Sponsoring and developing the first solar boat in Jordan.
• The first authorized distributor in Jordan for universal AV ENERGY Lithium Batteries.

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